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Entrusting someone to manage your money can be scary. Fortunately, Letson Investment Management provides quality fee-only money management in Atlanta to give clients the confidence they need with their future wealth. Our fee-only structure ensures that your money is managed strictly based on your personal financial goals and level of risk tolerance. We have eliminated any conflicts of interests that could hinder an undivided loyalty to our clients. Whether it is managing an account for an individual, estate, trust or retirement plan, our fee-only money management services are unmatched in the Atlanta area.

Georgia Fee-Only Money Management

Through our fee-only money management structure, we deliver our best solutions to clients with at least $1 million of investable assets. Fees are based strictly under assets under management. The standard fees for our equity accounts are:

  • First $1 Million : 1.00%
  • Next $2 Million : 0.75%
  • Over $3 Million : 0.50%

In addition to our low management fees, you can count on our financial advisors to negotiate discounted brokerage fees on your behalf. For quality fee-only money management in Georgia, choose Letson Investment Management.

What is a Fee-Only Money Management?

Choosing a fee-only money management firm to handle your wealth means that you are guaranteed to get unbiased and quality financial advice. A fee-only money management structure commits financial advisors to adhere to a fiduciary responsibility, which means they will uphold a legal obligation to invest your wealth in your best interests. There are no commissions or referral fees to stand in the way of this undivided obligation to each client. In fact, fee-only money management firms such as Letson Investment Management do not sell financial products of any kind, furthering eliminating any conflicts of interest.

For a loyal financial planning firm in Atlanta, contact our Atlanta Fee-Only Money Management Experts at Letson Investment Management today.

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