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At Letson Investment Management, we are devoted to an investment philosophy that keeps your best interest as our top priority. Our company is driven by three core principles that will leverage a successful financial portfolio.

  1. We build your portfolio based on your specific financial needs and goals. Your personal financial goals and risk tolerance dictate how we invest your portfolio. Our financial investment advisors take the time with you to learn your specific financial situation as well as your future goals. Together, we can set realistic return objectives and quantify your acceptable level of risk so that your wealth is invested securely and appropriately.
  2. Diversification is our key tool for managing risk. Diversification spreads risk over many types of investments to reduce the impact of any single security. Proper diversification helps to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio. Our goal is to maximize returns at the level of risk at which you are comfortable.
  3. Our long-term investment strategy is based on fundamental market analysis in equity selection. We are neither market timers nor stock traders who attempt to produce the highest possible short-term pretax return through very high turnover. Instead, we focus on investing in companies of high and improving investment quality. This is often characterized by growing revenues, earnings and dividends. Our long-term investment strategy, combined with low portfolio turnover, is designed to defer potential capital gains taxes and add immense value to your portfolio.

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