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Letson Investment Management firm is your leading source for wealth management in Atlanta. Our firm has been helping clients for over 25 years with strategic and secure wealth management. Whether it is for your estate, trust fund, family office or retirement plan, we can manage your wealth with strategies tailored specifically for you. Our expert financial advisors operate under a fee-only structure that allows us to invest in your best interest alone. We do not receive commissions or referral fees of any kind, nor do we sell financial products that would stand in the way of giving our clients undivided loyalty as a top wealth management firm.

Georgia Asset Management Company

Our asset management company in Georgia is best suited to work for high-net-worth clients in building a successful portfolio with a long term horizon. Our registered investment advisors have the expertise you need in market analysis to make strategic investment with a strong adherence and sensitivity to your personal risk tolerance. Our asset management company uses diversification as a key tool in asset allocation to manage your risk appropriately. You can trust Letson Investment Management as a loyal financial partner to protect and wisely manage your valuable assets.

What is Private Wealth Management?

Private wealth management gives individuals help in maintaining and growth their wealth. It involves professional assistance from a qualified wealth manager in services such as investment strategy, financial planning and tax management. Private wealth management can be used to harvest additional assets for high-net-worth clients by building a successful and profitable investment portfolio.

To learn how private wealth management can benefit you, contact our Atlanta Wealth Management Firm today.

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