Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy. All nonpublic customer information, including non-public information relating to former or inactive customers, shall be kept confidential and shall only be disclosed to third parties as a result of a transaction or service performed for the customer, or, as required by law.

Practices and Procedures

Access Restrictions. Letson Investment Management, Inc. will restrict access to customers' personal and account information only to its employees and non-affiliated outside parties where it is necessary to carry out its services for the client.

Security. All hard copy files containing customer non-public information are to be maintained in confidential secured locations. All documents or correspondence containing customer non-public information will be destroyed or shredded prior to disposal. Access to the Company's computer network, whether local or remote, will be password protected. Computer back up disks containing customer non-public information will be stored in a secured manner.

Confidentiality. Letson Investment Management, Inc. will discuss confidentiality practices with each of its employees upon hire and maintains adherence to these policies and practices as a condition of employment.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.